Modular Plugs

The modular plugs that Virginia Plastics manufacture are routinely used in the termination of our retractile cords and cord sets and provide the highest quality termination available. The plugs are made to exacting standards and will mate with any industry standard 6, 8 or 10 position RJ jack (from any manufacturer). The 6/8 position plug is unique to Virginia Plastics Company, Inc.. It carries a full 8 contacts but will mate with either a 6 (as a 6 wire plug) or an 8 position (as an 8 wire plug) RJ jack. This unique plug serves many 'out of the ordinary' functions, such as cross-over connections with or without inline components. The plugs are made available loaded with contacts but unterminated. The termination tool is also available for purchase.

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6/8 Plug - Pins Preloaded
Mates with a 6 or an 8 wire jack

8 wire 8 position Plug - Pins Preloaded

8 wire 10 position Plug - Pins Preloaded
Mates with an 8 or a 10 wire jack

Shorting Plugs (Short Pin 1 to Pin 3 & Pin 2 to Pin 4)
(Other 6 position or 8 position Shorting Plug wiring
arrangements are available)

Hand Termination tool (requires die set)
Die for 6/8 plug
Die for 8/8 plug
Die for 8/10 plug - for round cable
Die for 8/10 plug - for flat cable

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