English and Metric Units of Measure with Metric SI (meter-kilogram-second) Conversion

Units of Measure Formulae


Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
acceleration of free fall (g or grav) - 9.80665 m/sec2
galileo (Gal or gal) - 0.01 m/sec2

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
degree angular (ø or deg) quadrant/90 0.0174533 radian(rad)
gon or grade (g or grd) 0.9*degree_angular 0.015707963 radian(rad)
minute (' or m) 1/60*degree_angular 2.91E-04 radian(rad)
quadrant (quad) 3.14159265/2 1.5708 radian(rad)
revolution (r ) 360*degree_angular 6.28319 radian(rad)
"second ("" or s or sec)" 1/60*minute_angular 4.85E-06 radian(rad)

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
acre (ac or A) - 4046.86 m2
area(a) - 100 m2
hectare (ha) 10000 10000 m2
square centimeter (cm2) cm*cm 0.0001 m2
square foot (f2) f*f 0.092903 m2
square inch (in2) - 0.00064516 m2
square kilometer (km2) km*km 1.00E+06 m2
square mile (mi2 or sq mi) mi*mi 2589846 m2
square millimeter (mm2) mm*mm 1.00E-06 m2
square yard (y2) 0.8361 0.8361 m2

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
astronomical unit (ua or au) 92955807*mile 1.50E+11 m
caliber (cal) 0.01*inch 0.000254 m
centimeter (cm) 0.01 0.01 m
chain (ch) (Gunther's) (U.K.) 792*inch 20.1168 m
chain (ch) (Ramsden's) (U.S.) 1200*inch 30.48 m
cicero corresponds to the pica 0.00452 m
decimeter (dm) 0.1 0.1 m
Didot point 0.013837*inch 0.00035146 m
fathom (fth or fath) 6*foot 1.828804 m
foot (ft or ') 0.3048 0.3048 m
furlong (fur) mi/8 201 m
hand 4*inch 0.1016 m
"inch (in or "")" 0.0254 0.0254 m
kilometer (km) 1000 1000 m
light year (ly) - 9.46E+15 m
line (li) 1/12*inch 2.12E-03 m
link (for Gunther's chain) .01*chain 0.201168 m
link (for Ramden's chain) .01*chain 0.201168 m
meter (m) - 1 m
micron (æ) 1.00E-06 1.00E-06 m
mil (U.S.) or thou (U.K.) 0.001*inch 2.54E-02 m
mile (mi) 5280*foot 1609.344 m
millimeter (mm) 0.001 0.001 m
nanometer (nm) 1.00E-09 1.00E-09 m
nautical mile (nmi or NM) - 1852 m
parsec (pc) 3.08E+15 3.08E+15 m
pica (pi) or em 12*point 0.00421752 m
point (pt) (British & American) inch/72 0.00035146 m
yard (yd) 0.9144 0.9144 m

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
abampere or biot (Bi) 10*ampere 10 A
coulomb (C) - 1 coulomb(C)
elementary charge (e) - 1.60E-19 coulomb(C)
abhenry - 1.00E-09 m2*kg/sec2A2(henry,H)
abvolt - 1.00E-08 J/C(Volt,V)
abohm - 1.00E-09 ohm

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
british thermal unit (Btu) (39 F) - 1059.67 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
british thermal unit (Btu) (59 F) - 1054.8 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
british thermal unit (Btu) (60 F) - 1054.68 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
british thermal unit (Btu) (Int'l Table) - 1055.055853 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
british thermal unit (Btu) (Thermochemical) - 1054.35 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
calorie (cal 15) (15 C) - 4.1858 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
calorie (cal 20) (20 C) - 4.1819 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
Calorie (Cal or kcal) (nutrition) (Int'l Table) - 4.19E+03 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
Calorie (Cal or kcal) (nutrition) (mean) - 4.19E+03 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
Calorie (Cal or kcal) (nutrition) (Thermochemical) - 4.18E+03 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
calorie (cal) (International Table) - 4.1868 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
calorie (cal) (mean) - 4.19002 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
calorie (cal) (Thermochemical) - 4.184 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
electronvolt (eV) - 1.60E-19 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
erg 0.1*microjoule 1.00E-07 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)
kilowatt hour(kWúh) 3.60E+06 3600000 m2*kg/sec2(Joule)

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
lux (lx) (SI) lumen/square_foot 0.0161028 W/m2
lambert (Lb or La) - 1.61E+02 W/m2
phot (ph) 10000*lux 1.00E+04 W/m2
lumen (lm) (SI) - 0.001496 W

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
carat(ct or c) 2.00E-04 0.0002 kg
dram (avoirdupois) ounce/16 1.77E-03 kg
dram (dr) (apothecaries) ounce_troy/8 0.00388794 kg
dyne (dyn) 10E-05*newton 1.02E-06 kg
grain (gr) 6.48E-05 6.48E-05 kg
gram (g) 0.001 0.001 kg
gram force or gram-weight 0.0022045*pound 0.001 kg
hundredweight long (Cwt) (U.K.) 112*pound 50.802304 kg
hundredweight short (Cwt) (U.S.) 100*pound 45.3592 kg
kilogram (kg) 1 1 kg
milligram (mg) 1.00E-06 1.00E-06 kg
newton (N) 10E+05*dyne 0.101971621 kg
ounce (oz) - 0.0283495 kg
ounce apothecaries (oz) - 0.03083 kg
ounce troy (troz) - 0.0311035 kg
pennyweight (dwt or pwt) ounce_troy/20 0.00155518 kg
pound (lb or #) 16*ounce 0.453592 kg
sheet pound/700 0.000647989 kg
stone (st) 14*pound 6.35029318 kg
ton long (t or tn) 1016 1016 kg
ton metric (t or tn) 1000 1000 kg
ton short (t) 907.2 907.2 kg

Unit - US Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers, baseline = 100.0 . Year beginning
Formulae In SI SI Unit
dollar, 1984 1.013*dollarbaseline 101.3 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1985 1.053*dollarbaseline 105.3 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1986 1.093*dollarbaseline 109.3 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1987 1.105*dollarbaseline 110.5 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1988 1.154*dollarbaseline 115.4 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1989 1.205*dollarbaseline 120.5 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1990 1.261*dollarbaseline 126.1 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1991 1.338*dollarbaseline 133.8 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1992 1.379*dollarbaseline 137.9 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1993 1.419*dollarbaseline 141.9 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1994 1.458*dollarbaseline 145.8 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1995 1.497*dollarbaseline 149.7 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1996 1.535*dollarbaseline 153.5 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1997 1.586*dollarbaseline 158.6 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1998 1.613*dollarbaseline 161.3 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 1999 1.639*dollarbaseline 163.9 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 2000 1.683*dollarbaseline 168.3 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 2001 1.740*dollarbaseline 174.0 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 2002 1.767*dollarbaseline 176.7 U.S. Dollar
dollar, 2003 1.809*dollarbaseline 180.9 U.S. Dollar

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
part per million (ppm) 1.00E-06 1.00E-06 1
part per billion (ppb) 1.00E-09 1.00E-09 1
part per trillion (ppt) 1.00E-12 1.00E-12 1
"per mill (roughly, 0/00)" 0.001 1.00E-03 1
percent (% or pct) 0.01 0.01 1
proof (prf) percent*2 0.02 1

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
atmosphere(atm) 101325 101325 kg/m*sec2(PA)
bar (b) - 1.00E+05 kg/m*sec2(PA)
centimeter mercury(cmHg) atmosphere/76 1333 kg/m*sec2(PA)
inch mercury (in Hg) .03342*atmosphere 3386.28 kg/m*sec2(PA)
inch of water (in WC) .07355*inch_mercury 249.061 kg/m*sec2(PA)
millimeter of mercury (mm Hg) - 133.3223684 kg/m*sec2(PA)
pound per square inch (psi) - 6894.757293 kg/m*sec2(PA)

Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
day(d) 24*hour 86400 sec
hour (hr) - 3600 sec
month(mo or mon) year/12 2629743 sec
year (y or yr) 365.2422*day 3.16E+07 sec
year short (ye) 365*day 31536000 sec


Unit Formulae In SI SI Unit
barrel dry (bbl) 7056*I3 0.115627 m3
barrel fluid (bbl) 31.5*gallon 0.11924 m3
barrel oil (bo) 42*gallon 0.158987 m3
bushel dry (bu) - 0.0352381 m3
cord (cd) (USA) 4feet*8feet*4feet 3.6247 m3
cord foot (cd ft) 4feet*1foot*4feet 0.4531 m3
cubic centimeter (cm3 or cc) cm*cm*cm 1.00E-06 m3
cubic foot (f3) f*f*f 0.0283168 m3
cubic inch (in3 or cu in) inch*inch*inch 1.64E-05 m3
cubic kilometer (km3) km*km*km 1.00E+09 m3
cubic millimeter (mm3) mm*mm*mm 1.00E-09 m3
cup (c ) 8*ounce_fluid 0.000236587 m3
dram fluid (dr) ounce_fluid/8 3.70E-06 m3
drop (gtt) tsp/60 8.33E-08 m3
gallon (gal) 231*cubic_inch 0.0037854 m3
gallon (gal) (Imperial) 1.20095 * gallon 4.55E-03 m3
gallon (gal) (Imperial - Dry) 1.03206 * gallon dry 4.55E-03 m3
gallon dry (gal) 268.8025*cubic_inch 0.004404884 m3
gill (gi) 4*ounce_fluid 1.18E-04 m3
gill (gi) (Imperial) 5*ounce_fluid 1.42E-04 m3
liter (lt) - 0.001 m3
ounce fluid (floz) gal/128 2.96E-05 m3
peck UK (pk) - 0.009092199 m3
peck US (pk) 8*quart_dry 0.00880969 m3
pint (pt) 4.73E-04 0.0004732 m3
pint dry (pt) 5.51E-04 0.0005506 m3
quart dry (qt) 67.2*inch3 0.00110121 m3
quart fluid (qt) gallon/4 0.00094635 m3
stere (st) - 1 m3
tablespoonful (tbsp) .015*liter 1.50E-05 m3
teaspoonful (tsp) .005*liter 5.00E-06 m3

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