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Virginia Plastics Company manufactures custom engineered cable, cable assemblies and retractile cordsets. Since 1949, our driving motivation and philosophy of product excellence coupled with innovation have combined to keep Virginia Plastics in the forefront of both the engineered cable and specialty assemblies industries. This sense of dual purpose has created a 'Can Solve' reputation when it comes to difficult design challenges for our customers.

History of Selected Product Achievements*

1972 Created an extreme environment coiled cordset for military communications used in arctic, jungle,and desert conditions through all seasons
1978 Engineered a unique new modular PCB connector (FCC 68 type) for electronic equipment
1980 Invented a highly controlled EMI flat transmission cable
1982 Created a super rugged cordset for hostile and battlefield environments for all-terrain military vehicles
1983 Designed a multi-conductor space-saving cable with internal micro-shielding
1986 Developed a higher density modular male connector for electronic applications
1986 Created an abuse resisting coiled cord for patient examination medical equipment
1994 Invented the first signal altering modular male plug
Engineered a unique cable that maintains impedance variations within 1 ohm of target cable Zø at frequencies from 1 MHz up to 300 MHz+
2000 and following
Created a super silent EMI cable assembly using unique filtering inside Mil-Spec connectors
Engineered a Hybrid optical fiber/copper retractile coiled cord
Developed an Enhanced Low smoke Zero-halogen cable for Naval vessels with greater flexibility over extended temperature ranges
Created a lower weight braided shield for aeronautical, avionic, aerospace, and shipboard applications

Our personnel have extensive industry experience and we employ both proven and innovative patented and patent-pending technologies to insure that our products meet or exceed the stringent requirements of our customers. Over the years, our products have become an industry Mark of Excellence, one that other companies endeavor constantly to replicate. This is the reason that Virginia Plastics Company has become the vendor of choice for many military, medical, aeronautical, aerospace, avionics and industrial customers the world over.

Virginia Plastics Company . . . Bringing Innovation to Cable

*Many of Virginia Plastic's product innovations are unique and have been awarded patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.