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Privacy Statement

Virginia Plastics and its designated representatives regard customer information as confidential. We have established multiple safeguards to protect customer information. We do not share information about our customers with third parties for the purpose of marketing or sales. Only information necessary to meet or support customer requests will be shared outside of Virginia Plastics or its designated representatives. The sharing of any other customer information will only be with the consent of the customer, except as required by law, regulatory audits, or in the case of imminent physical harm to the customer, employees of Virginia Plastics, or others.

Financial Information
In the event that a customer enters into a purchasing agreement with Virginia Plastics, the submission of credit/financial information will be under separate agreement between Virginia Plastics and the customer and will be protected by said agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
At the request of the customer, Virginia Plastics will establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the customer for the purpose of protecting proprietary information.

Employee Confidentiality
All employees that have access to customer information, including designs and technical specifications, are covered by a Confidentiality Agreement with Virginia Plastics. This agreement covers both Virginia Plastics' and customer's proprietary information. Our designated representatives are bound by contract to maintain confidentiality regarding our customers' information.

Web Site / Cookies
Virginia Plastics' web hosting service captures standard web traffic logs, which may include IP address, browser type, pages viewed, referring pages, etc., and this information is periodically reviewed for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of our web site. We do not limit your use of our site if you or your organization employs software or hardware to block any of this information or block cookies.

Rev. Date: 1/11/2005